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Volcano Discovery Centre




The Volcano Discovery Centre (VDC) was established by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department and is operated by the Sai Kung District Community Centre. it is located in Sai Kung Waterfront Park and is easily accessible by public transport. The VDC shows the formation of Hong Kong’s unique hexagonal rock columns, as well as others around the world. It provides basic information about volcanology, volcano structure, volcanic eruptions and related geological knowledge, and introduces the features of the geosites in Hong Kong Geopark. The VDC provides free guided tours of the Centre, for which members of the public can register. To facilitate your visit to Hong Kong Geopark, the VDC offers one-stop registration for the various Geopark Guided Tours to fit different needs and enrich the geopark experience of every visitor.

Goals and Objectives

Hong Kong today is blessed to be in a stable zone with no live volcanos, but it was a complete different story 140 million years ago, when the area that is now Hong Kong experienced the massive eruption of a supervolcano. Although it was destructive at the time, it also created the magnificent rock wonders such as the hexagonal rock columns in Sai Kung that we see today. The goal of the VDC is to share the interesting but little-known geological history of Hong Kong with both Hong Kong residents and visitors.

In addition to enhancing science popularisation, the VDC is the gateway to Hong Kong Geopark. The VDC is located in downtown Sai Kung and can be reached conveniently by public transport. It is situated in the vicinity of the Sai Kung Public Pier, which makes it the perfect starting point for visitors to Hong Kong Geopark. The VDC is also an official visitor centre, which provides a wide range of visitor information in Cantonese, Putonghua and English, including advice on the best geopark routes for different groups or individuals.

Barrier Free Facilities

The main entrance and access of Volcano Discovery Centre are accessible for wheelchair users. You may contact the Curator of Volcano Discovery Centre by 2394 1538, if assistance is needed.

Opening Hours:

Service Counter
Everyday:9:00am to 5:00pm
Exhibition Area
Everyday:9:30am to 4:30pm
Closed on the first and second days of Chinese New Year

Enquiry hotline:

Sai Kung Waterfront Park

Getting here
Take the following public transports and get off at Sai Kung minibus/ bus terminal. Then walk to Volcano Discovery Centre.
(a) Bus No. 92 which runs between Diamond Hill MTR station and Sai Kung,
(b) Bus No. 96R which runs between Diamond Hill MTR station and Wong Shek Pier (Only on Sundays and Public Holidays),
(c) Bus No. 99 which runs between Ma On Shan Heng On Bus Terminus and Sai Kung,
(d) Bus No. 299X which runs between Sha Tin Central Bus Terminus and Sai Kung,
(e) Bus No. 792M which runs between Tseung Kwan O MTR station and Sai Kung,
(f) Minibus No. 1 which runs between Kowloon Bay (Telford Gardens) and Sai Kung,
(g) Minibus No. 1A which runs between Choi Hung MTR station and Sai Kung,
(h) Minibus No. 12 which runs between Po Lam and Sai Kung,
(i) Minibus No. 101M which runs between Hang Hau MTR station and Sai Kung.

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