Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark

Volcano Discovery Centre


Point to Note

Inclement Weather Arrange

  1. Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.8 or above: The centre will be closed. It will remain closed if the signal is lowered less than 3 hours before the usual closing time.
  2. Black Rainstorm Warning: If the warning is issued while the centre is in service, the usual opening hours will remain unchanged. If the warning is issued before opening hours, the museum will be closed until the warning is removed. It will remain closed if the warning is cancelled less than 3 hours before the usual closing time.

Visiting the Volcano Discovery Centre - Notice to Visitors

  • The venue has a limited capacity, so please be prepared to queue up outside the centre when it is full.
  • To avoid a long wait, you may consider visiting the venue later.
  • To reduce the waiting time for other visitors, the duration of each visit may have to be limited.
  • Please refrain from activities which may affect the operation of the centre. Activities which may affect other visitors in the venue, including but not limited to using a camera with tripod, or video camera, require prior approval from management. If in doubt, please seek advice from staff first.
  • For your personal safety and for the benefit of all visitors, please follow the advice below:
    • Enter and exit the venue following the signs, and proceed in a single direction.
    • Do not shake or damage the exhibits.
    • Use the interactive exhibits with care.
    • Do not push or strike the glass panels.
    • Do not run, eat or drink inside the venue.
    • Do not bring dogs to the centre (except guide dogs).
  • Follow the advice of the management staff when required; your cooperation and help are essential.